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Musical Memory - online ear training game



Recently we have launched a new exercise type. It is a game called "Musical Memory". Basically you are supposed to find identical sounds that remain hidden under the buttons. The game is enjoyable and interesting, and at the same time it trains your hearing and musical memory.

At the beginning you will be asked with how many cards you want to play. The more cards you have, the more difficult the exercise is:


As shown in the picture below, I chose 4x4. It means that 16 buttons will be displayed in a 4x4 table. The game will draw 8 of the sounds hidden under the card buttons. You are supposed to match each of them with another identical sound hidden underneath one of the remaining cards. 


You must be quick - the time is running! Moreover, attempt number will also be counted. If you successfully match two sounds, the respective pair of buttons will disappear from the screen. The game is over once you have matched all sound pairs.


This ear training exercise has several options. You can choose among instruments and sound ranges used for your exercise.


Give it a try! Not only will you have much fun, but you will also improve your musical hearing!

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