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h augmentedTriads are the simplest of all chords. To create a chord you need two intervals. A triad, as its name indicates it, contains three tones. Basic triads contain two thirds. The positions and dimensions of these thirds determine the triads. Like in the case of scales, the basic triads are the major and the minor triad.

ikon tetrachordA scale consists of two tetrachords - for more information please go to our Major Scale section. Major scale is described as joyful, while minor scale represents the melancholic side of life. There are several forms of minor scales. All of them share an identical first section that by professionals is called minor tetrachord. We can identify it by a semitone between its 2nd and 3rd degree...


piano1Musical scale consists of seven subsequent notes. These notes are called scale degrees. Very many musical scales exist in the world – this variety results from the global cultural diversity.

triply a1In the entry  On How Musical Intervals Are Built it was already mentioned that besides major, minor and perfect intervals, there also exist diminished and augmented ones. One could ask what the reason for that is since our table covers intervals containing every possible number of available semitones. This is exactly what enharmonic is about, and has been mentioned in an earlier entry entitled Enharmonic - Does It really Complicate Our Lives?

enharmonic smallVery often, the following question is raised: actually, what is the reason for diverse verbal representation of notes if they have the same pitch?

True. However... it has not always be like that. Imagine that some time ago, there was a pitch difference between F sharp and G flat!